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In Akyanyme.com we are constantly innovating and creating incredible illustration projects.

In different countries, times and spaces. A battle of titans. The fight between gods of international football.
What many ask.

What would happen if... !?


We face in the first round at The Legend vs The King. 

Argentina vs Brazil in a classic over the Americas.

#EpicBattle project presents 1st round! #Messi vs #Pele
#King vs #Legend / who will win??

Epic Battle Epic Battle Epic Battle

In the second round, these incredible battles, we had the following contenders ...

#EpicBattle Round 2 #God vs #TheMachine
#Maradona vs #CristianoRonaldo
Let the match begins!

Epic Battle Epic Battle Epic Battle

Already you have favorite !?

And because our creativity has no limits! A third round is present!

#EpicBattle round 3 begins! #platini vs #ronaldo at #louvremuseum #louvre
Epic Battle LeRoi Platoche Vs The Phenomenon

Epic Battle Epic Battle Epic Battle Epic Battle

The field is set! Stay tuned on our social networks, find and can buy these unique collectibles!

The real battles have begun!

Just choose which side will play!

Soon, a new battle! Who would you like to see !?