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Our first product that will be printed. In elegant collectible cards in a deck of 54 images. 

We have finally taken the leap of the digital world, the role and physical product.

We are creating a full deck of team Barcelona, with exclusive art and never seen elsewhere.

We have been showing progress in our social networks, instagram are a sensation.

Will be 54 trading cards in a single deck, the style of deck.

We do not have a price and release date, but we are working hard, so pretty soon you have in your hands.

So, stay close! .

Check some previews, some fan art. 

Deck Barcelona


Barcelona Deck Barcelona Deck Barcelona Deck

Barcelona Deck Barcelona DeckBarcelona Deck

Barcelona Deck Barcelona Deck Barcelona Deck 

Barcelona Deck Barcelona Deck


And...look the preview, fantastic design for the sticker!! MSN (Messi, Suarez and Neymar) 

barcelonamessi barcelonasuarez barcelonaneymar 


It will soon, work is unique.

And each piece is priceless! Don't forget to share with ur friends!!