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You know where will be the next World Cup? »  

We bring together hundreds of artists, lovers of soccer, design experts and illustrations, and especially the best football enthusiasts that exists on the planet.
With three years of anticipation, the World Cup stickers have arrived.
Road to Russia 2018.

What we achieved with our old project Brazil 2014, we consolidated in this project. A new template has seen the light!
This is the #Stickussr and #Stickerussia project.
National teams, with stars, legends, figures, managers, and more...

We have called #Stickerussia - #Stickussr

‪#‎Stickussr‬ ‪#‎Stickerussia‬

So, check some stickers, amazing artworks. 


England Brazil Sweden 


Zlatan Sneijder beckham

Entire nations participating in this incredible project, artists from around the world, various techniques.

Road to World Cup Russia, several illustrators / artists / designers are creating a collection of stickers of the players who participate.
It is an official invitation to join the artistic movement of Russia towards the World Cup 2018.
We are a group of football fans. And now we approach the 2018 Russia World Cup are trying to recreate an album of stickers.

Participate and join our cause. You'll find us in the most important social networks with the hashtag #Stickussr and #Stickerussia

Our communication platform is facebook. 

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And to participate in the project, here official downloads. 

Official Facebook Fanpage

Oficial Downloads:

So, what u waiting for!?