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Never played with a "Lego"? 


That is the question we ask ourselves, that makes them so attractive to the public.

Kids and adults, without distinction of adore and worship as articles of collection.

We took on the task of creating our own versions, yes, we revisiting some ideas and improving others, we created our own line of Legos.


We have called Bricks Project.

Bricks Project


Check some previews, some fan art. 


Bricks: Lebron James

Bricks: Lebron James


Bricks: Barcelona

Bricks: Barcelona


Bricks: Star Wars Boyega

Bricks: Stormtrooper



We have a social group on facebook. 

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Here our small collection of Lego stuff

Avengers IronMan TMNT Guardians Of the Galaxy

Hulkbuster vs hulk Age of Ultron Defeated by Ultron Daredevil

Puny God Magneto Rick Grimes Los Grandes

For your practice, here the free downloads. 

dowloadai dowloadpsd dowloadfw