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As time has passed! 

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LOST is a cool experimental TV series. It has been wrongly labeled as a simple concoction of well known stories

Due to its complexity, you feel lost at times.

The unnumbered flashbacks, which were conceived as a novelty at first, have turned off many unprepared viewers. A few flashbacks didn't seem to contribute to the overall plots and only broke the flow of the story, especially when the viewers were eager to know more about what's happening on the island. Admittedly, they helped build the characters and explained their behaviors and the choices they made, but in a very short-lived manner. 

I had an impression that the series was written and rewritten as it was filmed. There were very few plots that ran through the show. At times, the characters, instead of the stories, explained the rationales to 'patch up' the illogical parts. 

The quirky, thus interesting, characters dominated the latter part of the show and initial two main characters seemed to fade into the background. A nice balance could have been better. There were a lot of character pruning throughout the show. Introducing new characters at the latter part of the show was a mistake. It only confused the viewers. This shows that the script probably wasn't complete before the shooting had started.

LOST played with the ideas of alternate realities, time travel, multi-worlds, life after death, and spiritual worlds. This complicated the plots but I commend the bravery and its nice execution. 

For me, the most fascinating thing about LOST is the philosophical questions it imposed on us: Do you have somewhere or someone to go back to? How far are you willing to go to save yourself or your loved ones? Is having a faith, blind or not, better than having no faith at all? Can you really get away from your past? Do you really know the people you wholeheartedly trust?

So here my tribute! Jack Shepard, aka Matthew Fox, my real hero in this adventure! 

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