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Hi! Nice to meet u, fella! U are in the right place to know about us!


Well, we are creative. We do not have a limit. We follow many artists, and day by day, we acquire new skills. Our favorite is the GTA, with a progression of colors, deep black American comic lineart type. 

Likewise, we develop lively and fully compatible with any mobile device web sites. Full of art and visual appearance. Your brand will be remembered for his appearance.

So, any question? Shoot !!  


 At any time you can contact us, inquire, question things, or just go by and say hello! Get in Touch With Us






Occupation: Lead Designer Director at Akyanyme Co.

Interests: Football, Illustration, Art, books, ufo's, Breaking Bad, GoT, TWD and more!
Nationality: Mexican
Current Residence: México D.F.
D.O.B: November 21



Occupation: Lead Programmer Director at Akyanyme Co.

Interests: Sports, Health, Nature, Art, TWD, Breaking Bad, ASP, PHP, and more!
Nationality: Mexican
Current Residence: México D.F.
D.O.B: March 5





Our Artwork

All our artworks are created from start to finish on Fireworks CS and MangaStudio EX, using mouse and wacom. Each individual object is outlined, colored, shaded, lightened and detailed. Our favorite style it's like GTA concept art. The creation process depends on our mood as well as the level of complexity, simple ones take days and heavy ones take months. But always, we work, we illustrate for magazines, websites, product stores, and also took several open source projects. 

We are open to commissions, based on your project, we like to discuss the details first, to agree and go!

Art in your hands.


Every year, we celebrate based on the Chinese calendar, 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster 'Ding You' Male FireMonkey, so our logo constantly changing form and shape, fits only to show the good fortune of our lives. And that we share with all world.


2017 (on the Chinese calendar) is the year of the Fire Rooster, starting from January 28 (Chinese New Year), and ending on February 15 2018 (Chinese New Year’s Eve).

2017 Is a Fire Rooster Year

Lucky Colors: Black, White

Lucky Numbers: 2, 6
Lucky Flowers: gladiola, cockscomb

Roosters are in their zodiac year in 2017, so they will be unlucky and need to work very hard.
However, there are two lucky stars related to careers, which can help them.
One star is Jiangxing, which means Roosters' in leadership will have luck.
Roosters can achieve success by leading a team.
Another star is Jinkui, which means Roosters who are creative will be approved by their superiors.
Their recognition, however, might not match their efforts.
Roosters are recommended to “do more and speak less” at work in 2017.
They should work very hard to benefit from scant opportunities. 

So we try to practice that!

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